What is Birth Photography?

When I capture a Birth I capture the raw emotion between husband and wife.
I capture your journey from before Birth, the moment you give Birth, and the very first moment you hold your baby and hear it's cry.
No, it is not gross as many would think...
it is absolutely beautiful

"I am so glad I had Anja as

our Birth Photographer. Not only did she capture every detail, but she truly went out of her way and made it personal."  - Client

"I had an emergency C-Section. I was so tired of being in labor for more than 24 hours. I was OUT during the C- Section and only saw my baby the next morning. Anja captured everything, every small detail. I now have amazing memories of moments where I could not physically be. I am so glad we booked a Birth Photographer!" - Client

Babies first moment on earth

We capture your Birth very respectfully

The Birth of your child is one of the most important events in your life. We capture weddings, Birthday parties, and all the other moments in between, so why not Capture this amazing moment too? The package cost is higher than most shoots, simply because we are with you for almost 5 hours. We set out days to be ready for this moment, as we need to be ready at any time, even with a C -Section. Having your Birth captured gives you the chance to go back and re-live the moments that you weren't totally present. 

Why I became a Birth Photographer

My Birth did not quite go as planned. My labor pains started at 35 weeks, and at 22:00 on a Sunday evening my hubby rushed us to the hospital. At arriving I was already 4cm dilated. I was so grateful that my pains really weren't as bad, as I do not tolerate pain very well. I went to sleep and they woke me at 05:00 the next morning to see how far I have dilated overnight. At that moment I was 7cm, and they had to break my water. My contraction came with revenge after my water broke, and it was too late for any type of pain medication or Epidural. They gave me a Gas mask to help with the pain and just before 07:00 my baby was ready to come. Everything happened so fast, my baby was there in no time and... All I can remember was that she had a full head of hair when she came out.... and... the rest... is a total blur!!!  The gas made me so high (LOL) that I passed out for almost three hours after Birth. She was placed on me, my mom was there and spoke to me, my husband held her and had moments with her... I don't know of anything. I don't have ANY memories of this! If I had a photographer present they would have been able to capture all of this...


That is where I come in. I capture those moments. The moments you will never have back. I get the chance to give you a memory of this amazing moment!  

Book your Maternity, Birth and Newborn shoot with Little Mrs M Photography. 

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